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Our People | Whānau

Whanāu Means Family

In Maori culture, when someone visits your home it is customary to show hospitality; it’s what we like to do. At Kahukiwi Experiences, we manaaki (welcome) and nurture our guests by embracing them within our kahukiwi (care); Our Guides take pride in offering a manaaki (welcome) in just the same way our mothers welcomed us.

Named after our tūpuna (ancestor), Te Takinga marae is where we belong. The marae (spiritual home) is where we grew up, where we learnt from our kōeke (elders), where we had fun and explored, and still meet today for important events including celebrations, meetings, and funerals. We descend from Te Takinga and Hineora down to Kiore, Te Whakaruru, Te Rinui, Te Ahoa, Hikaawarua and the union of Te Kuramoeawa and Te Wharau and Tamati and Meriana.